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Diotte will provide consultation on,
  • New product development and poduct trials

  • Assessment of ex-factory cost of existing and new products

  • Design and supply of commercial and pilot scale food and drink processing and packaging plants

  • Design and supply of aseptic process systems for dairies and pharmaceutical application

  • On farm production, mini dairies and technology transfers

  • Process engineering and instrumentation

  • Trouble shooting in the food and dairy industry

  • Training and seminars (plant operation, cream manufacture, cultured dairy products, aseptic technology, UHT, pasteurisation) 

Indirect UHT plant link to an aseptic tank    
A commercial UHT plant and an aseptic tank being installed by Diotte at a  dairy. The UHT plant through put is 1000 ltr/hr and the aseptic tank has a fill capacity of 5000 litres.
Laboratory TubularPasteuriser  





A tubular laboratory pasteuriser with automatic temperature control facility. The through put is 60 l/h. This plant can be used for heat treatment of thin and thick liquids and liquids containing fibres.  

Development of aseptic sachet filler
This is a new aseptic filling system for sachet type containers. It is a ten lane filler and capable of running at 1000 units per minute.

 Laboratory UHT Plant

A tubular laboratory UHT plant with a small homogeniser attached. Through put is 60 l/h and a top temperature of 145ºC can be achieved. Homogeniser can be linked at upstream position after preheating or after UHT treatment and cooling to  below 90º C. 


Technical Know-how,


  • Nearly 40 years of experience and excellent track record of product development, product launches, aseptic design and supply of process systems to the food and beverage industry

  • Expert in trouble shooting work in food processing, filling and packaging systems

  • Provider of innovative and cost effective solutions to experimental and industrial processes

  • Technical writer

  • Inventor and patent holder

  • Experience in working with major UK, Irish, Indian, Pakistan and Sri Lankan companies

  • Experience in international consultancy work on agricultural development and reconstruction projects via UNFAO, EU & EBRD

  • Special lectures conducted for national and international delegates who are from multidisciplinary background 

 Designing of linking system for UHT Process plant


The Royal Launch, 2007

Prince Charles officially launched the Dairy Wagon

Aseptic Pot Filling Machine
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Visit to India, 2007
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Visit to Pakistan, 2007
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Visit to Sri Lanka, 07 & 08
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