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Diotte Consulting & Technology Limited is a leading specialist food and beverage consultancy company which offers technical support to UK, Ireland, Europe and Asia on food processing technology, aseptic technology, food packaging, food engineering, design and supply of pilot to commercial scale food and drink processing and packaging plants.     
A Royal Launch 
The Peak District Dairy Wagon was officially launched on the 29th June 2007 by HRH Prince Charles at the Oncote farm in the Peak District. Dairy Wagon is a mobile mini dairy enclosed inside a 18 ft by 7.5 ft trailer.
Prince Charles admiring the designs                                                   
Prince Charles admiring the design
Dr Ranjith explaining his designs to Prince Charles                                                    
Dr Ranjith explaining his design to Prince Charles
Thank you letter from Prince Charles                                                                                            
A thank you letter from Prince Charles
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The Royal Launch, 2007

Prince Charles officially launched the Dairy Wagon

Aseptic Pot Filling Machine
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Visit to India, 2007
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Visit to Pakistan, 2007
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Visit to Sri Lanka, 07 & 08
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