The Aseptic Pot Filler

(January 07, 2008)
Diotte Consulting & Technology Ltd.                                                                                                                                                                   New Aseptic Filling Machine Installed!

This was installed at the Reaseheath College in Nantwich and it is a useful addition to conduct customer trials (UHT, ESL and hygienic filling) for sample production and for shelf life and market evaluation.
In aseptic production, the  system should ensure that both food and packaging materials are free of harmful bacteria at the instant the food is packaged.
To achieve this all components associated in the production chain at the point of filling must be commercially sterile and prevent re-contamination.
Therefore, especially all the machinery involved as well as the environment in which the packaging takes place must have a good margin of safety against re-contamination.
Diotte is specialized in aseptic design and technology to provide you with all aspects of hygienic, extended shelf life and sterile food product processing and filling. 
Aseptic filler
We will provide you with guidelines  on the optimum suitable parameters to be successful with your products.


Diotte's Aseptic Filling Facility at Reaseheath College
The Filler - Metal Box Fresh Fill System


A wide range of products can be filled including,

UHT, Extended shelf life and pasteurized products

Liquids and liquids containing fibers and particulates
(1 cm cube maximum.)

Hot filling (cheese spreads etc.)

Aerated products (whipped cream, mousse, and yogurt)


Throughput of  the filler,

20-40 units/min (based on viscosity)


Fill volume is,

50-250 ml



71 mm round pots

110 mm maximum height

Polystyrene/polypropylene etc.

Lidding-using heat sealed aluminium foil


Sterilization methods,

Product line sterilized with steam at 140ºC

Cups and foil lids with 35% hydrogen peroxide


Various other Functions,

Multifill-Two different products into one cup either in horizontal or vertical layers

Gas Flushing-with carbon dioxide, nitrogen, or mixture of the two 
Aseptic filling of products 

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Aseptic Pot Filling Machine
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