A Royal Launch

(June 29, 2007)

A Royal Launch !      Dairy Wagon !

The Peak District Dairy Wagon was officially launched on the 29th June 2007 by HRH Prince Charles at the Oncote farm in the Peak District.
Prince Charles knew about the project in 2005 when he visited the Peak District and met the Dairy Wagon brainchild of farmers wives Sue Prince and Sarah Helliwell.
Dr Ranjith was asked to design and cost the project back in March 2003 but it was after Prince Charles visit that helped to generate the funds necesary to get the work off the ground.

One design feature is  to ensure that the equipment can produce a variety of products in small voulmes as well as sufficiently large to conduct market research quantities. Dr Ranjith had to consider all aspects of scale of operation with the services available at each farm.

Prince Charles indicated that he is happy to see the successful results of the Dairy Wagon project and finally the farmers are able to make use of its facilities to get trained and produce innovative and value added products.

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The Royal Launch, 2007

Prince Charles officially launched the Dairy Wagon

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